All photography provided by Jessica Son


 Dan brews award winning home crafted ales and enjoys teaching you to do the same.  He is a BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) authorized beer judge.  He can teach you what to look for while tasting new beers and how to determine if any off flavors are present. Join him in the Coca-Cola Barn at 10:00AM on Saturday Mornings after breakfast to participate in a class about judging and enjoying craft beer for an additional $5.00 per person.  Easy to schedule, just add while booking your room.

"I brew in my barn and if you want to learn…come join me."  Dan has spent years perfecting his award winning brews…Chai-Laxin and Dark Matter IPA and he is always eager to share his home brew techniques with you. Currently, we are working on the build out for a production brew space on site in the Brew Barn. Whew, exciting times for us. Dan commutes each weekend as we transition to retirement (doing what we love, in a place that we love).

  • Home Brewer of the Year: 2014
  • National Home Brew First Place 2017
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Brewer
  • Siebel Institute Training
  • Chemistry of Beer Training
  • BJCP Beer Judge
  • Fiber Optic Engineer/ The Son of Fiber Optics
  • Proud Father and Husband

Our Mission

Provide the quiet little things that turn a visit into a  memory.  
Value each guest as an opportunity for growth, connection and lasting relationships.
All are welcome, discrimination and intolerance do not reside here. 
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